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Ep. 21 – Essential update on expat tax, new issues that are being uncovered and the new directive process with Hugo van Zyl

Hugo van Zyl returns to PROpulsion for an essential update on tax for expats now that the changes are in effect since the 1st of March 2020. Hugo was a guest on episode 16 (our most popular and downloaded episode to date).

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • What it means to be resident;
  • Announcements in the latest budget speech (26 Feb 2020) that impact South Africans working abroad or considering emigration;
  • Our opinions of how financial or formal emigration will be phased out by 1 March 2021 as announced and the processes that may apply thereafter;
  • Several problems and challenges have been identified after people tax or financially emigrated – we discuss some interesting examples from real clients;
  • The new IRP3(q) tax directive to reduce the PAYE deductible from an employee’s remuneration who works offshore by South African employers;
  • Whether an employee can apply for this directive themselves;
  • The requirements and process to apply for the directive.

Listen to the episode:

Hugo runs his own private tax practice as well as joint venture tax and formal emigration business, assisting expats, or “WEG”kaners (away Africans as fondly refers to his client base) to legally reconcile themselves as foreign resident expats with his ZA Rand wallet and retirement funds.

You can contact Hugo via Linkedin.

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