Oh, the compliance BURDEN! The high cost associated with compliance. Not only from a monetary point of view but especially from a time point of view.

Clients could not be bothered with all the paperwork and are often frustrated by the process and the time involved. But it has to be done.

We often hear financial advisers complain that we are over-regulated and that compliance is killing the profession and small financial advice businesses.

Join Francois du Toit and Julie Anley, co-founder of Lemonaide, a RegTech business that developed Beeswax, a leading case management software for ease of compiling and generating customer due diligence reports.

Julie shares a fresh perspective on the value of compliance and will make you rethink its role.

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Julie Anley – LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-anley-1316933a/

Website: https://lemonaideriskbureau.com/

About Lemonaide: We are, at our core, an information technology business with a chosen specialization in the realm of Compliance.

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