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Ep. 11 – Building a partnership practice in a tied environment and valuable lessons from the Financial Planner of the Year Competition with Henri le Grange

From the moment I met Henri le Grange, CFP® I was intrigued by the way they are building their practice, especially because it is inside a tied environment (not a franchise!) with a large well-known life assurance company.

In 2018 Henri entered the prestigious Financial Planner of the Year Competition and was one of the top five finalists.  We speak in depth about the competition, the lessons he learned and how they are using these lessons to better the practice.

A specific aspect that stood out is how they are building the practice around the practice itself and not around Henri or one of the other partners.  They extensively use Xplan in their business and we get Henri to share more about why they are using Xplan and the extent to which this is benefiting their practice.

Being situated in Kimberley, it was interesting to talk about how they get 95% of their clients, who sometimes have to drive 140 km, to have their meetings at the practice’s office instead of going to see clients at their place of business or home.  Their approach to getting quality referrals instead of quantity is also interesting.

We end off the interview with Henri sharing some real pearls of wisdom.  Enjoy the episode!

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