Do you feel like you have big dreams, you are putting the blood, sweat, and tears to make them a reality yet you feel like you are not reaching your full potential? As if something is still missing?

Our special guest is Ronel Jooste CA(SA). Ronel is a SACBW Business Woman of the Year (Gauteng), a Business & Financial Consultant and owns PhysEQFiT Wellness, Guesthouse, and Spa.

She also has her own podcast called Ronel Talks Money. The show is focused on educating and empowering people about various finance-related topics.

The Ronel Jooste Dream Foundation aims to take financial literacy and entrepreneurship to the communities to prevent poverty, create jobs and create a better standard of living for everybody.

Francois du Toit talks to Ronel about how we can unlock our full potential and achieve long-lasting success in all areas of our lives. Some of the topics they touch on include:

👉 The importance of holistic well-being to achieve success and reach your full potential.

👉 Why education is so important within the financial industry.

👉 The Ronel Jooste Dream Foundation collaborates with the SA Council for Business Women helping 5 aspiring women entrepreneurs to start and grow a successful & sustainable business. Any Gauteng-based aspiring women entrepreneur or businesswoman in their first year of running a business can enter.

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