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S2E12 – The one key you need for success

This is the unedited original audio from our LIVE online show called PROpulsion LIVE broadcasted on Friday 30 April 2021.

News segment: presented by Seema Naicker,  Technical & CPD Manager at the Financial Planning Institute of SA.

Personal Development segment: presented by Norma Simons, a mindset and accountability coach talking about scarcity mindset and the impact it has on three areas of our lives.

Featured Topic: presented by Francois du Toit. Success means different things to different people. Success looks different for different people. There are several things needed to achieve long-term and sustainable success. However, there is ONE key that is critical to achieving success.

In this episode, we talk about which key it is, why without it you are unlikely to achieve success, and how you can strategize and have a structure that helps you incorporate this key into everything you do.

With the ultimate aim to achieve long-term, sustainable success as you see it.

Update segment presented by Francois du Toit, Director of PROpulsion Learning and Technology.

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