Ep. 13 – How being simple by design has resulted in atWork becoming the most loved system for Financial Advisers with Trevor Stacey

atWork was the first cloud-based CRM system for Financial Advisers.  The software was developed for the first time in 1998, long before the cloud became a thing and when users struggled with dial-up modems and the cost of making a call instead of the data they used. In this episode, we talk with Trevor Stacey, Director: Business Development for atWork to learn everything about the…


Ep. 10 – New financial planning software in South Africa that enhances client engagement with Kirsty du Toit

This is our tenth episode, but the first episode dedicated to talking about technology for financial advisors and planners.  Kirsty du Toit, CFP® together with Bennie Gouws, CFP®, Gary Winslow, CFP®, and Jonathan Brummer, CFA, CFP® recently started Work.That.Matters. Their entire purpose is to help financial advisors have better conversations with clients.  Essentially, they are setting out to connect not only the head and the…

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