Ep. 11 – Building a partnership practice in a tied environment and valuable lessons from the Financial Planner of the Year Competition with Henri le Grange

From the moment I met Henri le Grange, CFP® I was intrigued by the way they are building their practice, especially because it is inside a tied environment (not a franchise!) with a large well-known life assurance company. In 2018 Henri entered the prestigious Financial Planner of the Year Competition and was one of the top five finalists.  We speak in depth about the competition,…


Ep. 10 – New financial planning software in South Africa that enhances client engagement with Kirsty du Toit

This is our tenth episode, but the first episode dedicated to talking about technology for financial advisors and planners.  Kirsty du Toit, CFP® together with Bennie Gouws, CFP®, Gary Winslow, CFP®, and Jonathan Brummer, CFA, CFP® recently started Work.That.Matters. Their entire purpose is to help financial advisors have better conversations with clients.  Essentially, they are setting out to connect not only the head and the…

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