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Ep. 10 – New financial planning software in South Africa that enhances client engagement with Kirsty du Toit

This is our tenth episode, but the first episode dedicated to talking about technology for financial advisors and planners.  Kirsty du Toit, CFP® together with Bennie Gouws, CFP®, Gary Winslow, CFP®, and Jonathan Brummer, CFA, CFP® recently started Work.That.Matters.

Their entire purpose is to help financial advisors have better conversations with clients.  Essentially, they are setting out to connect not only the head and the hands but also the heart. They believe that technology can be a critical enabler for this.

They brought Asset-Map from America to South Africa.  Asset-Map is software-as-a-service (SaaS) that puts the client and the professional advisor on one page in a way that humans can actually understand.

We discuss the changing landscape, how technology has evolved and where technology is going.  We then discuss Asset-Map in detail and how it differs from the financial planning technology we have become accustomed to.

There is no “one system”.  In future, practices will create their own technology stack that will enable them to achieve the outcomes they want and to run the practice in the way they want instead of trying to mold their practice around the software they use.

We also talk about what clients really want from Financial Advisors today.

We end off the episode with four questions Financial Advisors must ask and answer when evaluating financial planning software for their practice.

Listen to the episode here:

If you are interested to learn more after listening to the episode:

Contact details: Assetmap@workthatmatters.co.za or Kirsty@workthatmatters.co.za

Website: www.workthatmatters.co.za

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