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We identify areas that are not addressed by traditional systems and software. We focus on the business opportunities that are possibly lost and design our tools to be easy and quick to use, to enhance the value you offer your clients and to open additional business opportunities for you by making the client aware of relevant information.


If your first thought is that this is a tool that calculates the tax payable by an individual for a given tax year, then you are only about 33% right. This tool is unique and does so much more. It is a business enabler. In other words, it can make you a lot more money.

Built for Advisers

The Tax Tool was built for financial advisers to quickly and efficiently analyse a client's income tax assessment and generate a professional report detailing all the opportunities and risks for the client. It is further also powerful when used for planning purposes in conjunction with other tools.

The Tax Tool

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What can you do with The Tax Tool?

The software was designed as a business tool. A tool t unlock opportunities and grow your business. An indispensable tool that complements your other planning software. Generate client-friendly reports in PDF or print it to hard copy.

Personal Tax Analysis

Full analyis of a client's ITA34 Assessment to identify up to 9 opportunities for financial planning. All you need is a copy of a tax assessment and the tool does the rest.

Lump Sum Tax

Never get it wrong again. Calculate tax on lump sums from retirement funds on death, withdrawal and severance. Takes into account aggregation rules for previously received lump sums.

Retirement Contributions

The tool calculates the maximum allowable retirement fund contributions to claim the maximum deduction. The tool also facilitates the discussion between the adviser and the client through different scenarios.

CGT on Investments

Clients often make regular withdrawals from their unit trusts and similar investments. This tool helps you determine the CGT implication when clients make multiple withdrawals. Whether regular or adhoc.

Transfer Costs

Effortlessly calculate Transfer Duty, transfer costs and bond registration fees payable on a property.

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If you would like to take it for a test drive, you can get full use and access for 15 days to try the tool and see first-hand what it can do for you and your business.