Are you a financial professional looking to

your life, relationships, practice, knowledge and skills?

Do you have any of these goals?

We know you have many goals and objectives.

At Francois du Toit Consulting and Technology, we found from working with hundreds of FSPs and Advisors over the last 21 years, that three of the most important ones are to:

Maintain your fit and proper status – without it you cannot have a license or a practice

Continuously grow your business – who wants to move backward or just survive

Manage and reduce advice risk – to ensure your practice is sustainable

Are you faced by these challenges?

During the last 21 years we have also identified that, when it comes to continuously developing skills and growing one’s business at the same time, FSPs and Advisors are challenged by:

Time constraints because of everything that needs your attention

The quality of content is not always of the required standard and the delivery of the content is inconsistent

The cost involved, both from a money as well as a time perspective

We are on a mission to help you!

We serve financial planners, advisors and similar professionals who value continuous growth, improvement and development of themselves and their practices through offering access to the highest quality programs, information, speakers and events for one annual or monthly fee.



We are proud to introduce our latest solution called “Ignite”.  By signing up for Ignite, you will:

Receive full unrestricted access to the highest quality content, information, speakers, guests, resources and events.

Become part of a forward-thinking and driven community.

Contribute to, and play a role in, elevating the financial services industry to the profession it deserves to be.

Ignite offers you access to:

Monthly Live Webinars

(earn CPD)

Monthly Online Live Q&A

Unrestricted Access

to Circulus Online

(earn CPD)

Annual Summit

(earn CPD)

Quarterly and end-of-year reporting on CPD progress through Circulus Online

Preferential Rates on

The Tax Tool
(less 50%)

Face-to-face courses, workshops, masterclasses and online refreshers
(less 25%)

PROpulsion Podcast

(earn CPD)

Coming Soon

Clifton Strength’s Assessment

Complimentary Top 5 Talent Assessment*

*1st year only


New users receive a 10% reduction on their license fee for the first 12 months



New users receive a complimentary QR Code valued at R 350

What do you gain from signing up for Ignite?

Ignite helps you gain:

  • Confidence and skills which immediately enables you to identify new opportunities that will help you grow your business and raise your status with your clients;
  • Efficiency.  You can learn anytime, from anywhere, using any device and at your own pace, without having to be out of the field.  Even live webinars and Q&A’s will be available to Igniters on demand afterwards.
  • Technology ensures that you can benefit from economies of scale, saving greatly on the cost.

The value we Ignite

The total value generated through Ignite is

R 29 060 per annum

excluding the generous discounts on courses, workshops, masterclasses, refreshers and The Tax Tool.

In addition to the powerful content, skills and knowledge, the package offers access to 96 CPD hours / points during the 12-month period, which is  a great value-add.,

What do others say about what we do?

“The course on Personal Income Tax, by Francois du Toit, is well-planned and absolutely worth the fees paid (as there are so many workshops and courses on the market, but expensive!) - I will definitely enroll for the other courses and will return on an annual basis to keep up to date with the latest tax info. Well done, Francois, with this outstanding CPD course!”
green square with white capital letter F
Johan Alberts B.Comm Hons
“Dear Francois, I really want to take this opportunity to thank you! This course helped me to see that I can do it! This is powerful stuff, and life-changing to view your course! I can’t wait to work through all your courses and complete my board exam in 2019! It is truly an honor to know you, and to get a bit of the knowledge that you gained in your journey! I look forward to seeing the impact that you make.”
Headshot of Madrie Steyn
Madrie Steyn, Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning
Independent Financial Planner
“I’ve found the courses extremely valuable by diving much deeper than most other providers. I believe the quality of material and value that you receive is much more important than just merely CPD points.”
Headshot of Louis van der Merwe
Louis van der Merwe, CFP®
Financial Planner of the Year Top 3 Finalist 2018
“Excellent material that is relevant and practical. I like the basic language that is used, which makes it easy to understand. The principles are very clear and the case studies are easy to follow. Keep it up. I would definitely refer people to you.”
Headshot of Rufaro Mucheka
Dr. Rufaro Mucheka, PhD, CFP®, MBA
Head of Strategy, Nedbank
“The videos were of high quality and information is so practical. The short duration of the videos is also a positive. The knowledge of the presenter on all the topics has been great and I would highly recommend this course.”
Headshot Stephan Pietersen
Stephan Pietersen
Benefits Specialist

More about the summit

Annual Summit

The annual summit will become our flagship offering where Igniters will attend the event with our compliments.  Others are welcome to attend the summit at a cost.  We will have 2 to 3 speakers at a summit.

The summit offers networking opportunities with peers, sharing of knowledge and information, and an environment to help you grow both personally and professionally.

We may even evolve into a face-to-face event!

The investment

You get all the value detailed above for one low fee.

Choose the option that best suits your circumstances.


No commitment, cancel anytime

  • No commitment, payable monthly
  • Cancel anytime
  • EFT Only


12-month commitent

  • 12-month commitment
  • Save 22%
  • EFT Only


Most cost-effective

  • *Payable annually in advance
  • Save 34%
  • EFT Only
  • The fees are exclusive of VAT.
  • The fee is tax deductible for FSPs, sole proprietors and commission earners.
  • Package runs for 12 consecutive months from the date a person signs up, except if you choose the “Month-to-month” option where you can cancel anytime by giving 30 days’ notice.
  • FSPs or Financial Advisors in their personal capacity may pay for, or sponsor, on behalf of someone else.

Our Social Responsibility

Financial Advisors under supervision will pay a reduced fee as part of our commitment to help and support new entrants, our social responsibility and to play our role in professionalizing the financial services industry.

Financial Advisors under supervision fee options:


No commitment, cancel anytime

  • No commitment, payable monthly
  • Cancel anytime
  • EFT Only


12-month commitent

  • 12-month commitment
  • Save 18%
  • EFT Only


Most cost-effective

  • *Payable annually in advance
  • Save 25%
  • EFT Only

In addition to the special fee, we will offer complimentary webinars as well.  Anyone can sponsor a Financial Advisor under supervision.

Your supervision status will be established at the date you join and reviewed every 12-months.  You must be under supervision for all license categories you are registered for to qualify for the special fee.

How do you become an Igniter?

  1. Choose your fee option above.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Accept the debit order instruction if you choose to pay by debit order.
  5. Submit your application.
  6. Done!

We cannot wait to welcome you.