Many financial advisors and planners do not have a plan.

We still believe in the old adage that we must treat everyone the same. That is what they deserve, right? So we never segment our clients, understand each segment, and deliver a custom value proposition to each of the segments.

😓 This leads to financial advisors and planners continually taking on more new clients with little regard to the existing clients and how they will be serviced.

😓 The longer this continues, the more stressed, burnt out, and financially and emotionally bankrupt we become.

The solution is to engage with technology to improve 1% across a range of facets and aspects of the business.

Financial advisors and planners need to be flexible and accommodating to a changing environment. We must embrace change and integrate technology to improve efficiencies.

In this episode, Francois du Toit speaks to Gustav Neethling, the Director of The Financial Emporium as well as WealthPro, to unpack all of this and to discuss solutions and practical approaches to growing with confidence but without stress.

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  • Francois du Toit, CFP®

    Francois du Toit, CFP® holds a B. Com degree in Risk Management as well as the Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. He is an avid miniature figure painter with a passion for helping others succeed and for professionalising the Financial Services Industry. He holds the certification of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® or CFP® in good standing with the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa as well as being a registered Tax Practitioner with them and SARS. Francois offers a unique and powerful proposition to businesses employing Financial Advisers and Broker Consultants that leads to significant improvement in production and reduced advice risk. His practical experience, success, technical knowledge and understanding the challenges and opportunities in this field, ensure immediate practical application in the target market. Francois has designed and created very successful online courses for the Financial Planning Institute and has trained hundreds of financial planners, advisers and other trainers for among others Old Mutual, PPS, Liberty, Iress and atWork. His ability to answer questions that relate to practical on-the-ground issues is what sets him apart from traditional trainers who may not have been in practice.

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