Will you do the work for free? It will be great exposure for you! You can get a lot of great insights and feedback. This will be a great marketing opportunity for you. We don’t have the budget right now. This will lead to more opportunities.

Sounds great, right? We have all been offered these “fantastic offerings”.

Even worse, in financial services, we have been cultivating a culture and a standard of doing things for free since the beginning of time. So much so that most financial planners and advisers have no idea how to change this today.

It has gone so far that we even expect everything for free. Training. CPD. Events. Ideation. Referrals. Name it.

Many have built their value proposition with FREE at its core. Offering everything for “free” in order to make a sale of some sort at the end of the day.

All of this said. There are times when doing work for free is extremely valuable. However, there are rules!

In this episode, we discuss the 5 G’s – 5 rules for when doing work for free makes sense and unlocks value for you and your business.

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