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To equip Financial Advisors and Financial Planners with the practical skills and know-how to create effective and impactful content and to leverage this through strategic marketing to build their brand and grow their businesses.

The program is run over a 3-month period consisting of:

  • Bi-weekly live sessions
  • Recorded videos
  • Text-based content
  • Challenges
  • A choose your own adventure project

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Financial Advisors and Financial Planners who want to build their personal and / or business brand and grow their businesses with the right audience.

Other roles in the financial planning profession that will benefit from this program include paraplanners, specialists, marketers, and leaders.

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Learning Path

1 – What you are getting wrong with content marketing and how to get it right
2 – Navigating multiple distribution channels effectively
3 – You versus the business, which brand you should build

1 – Target market / audience
2 – What it means to stay on brand
3 – Brand assets
4 – Creating your brand assets
5 – Using your brand assets

1 – Tips for writing articles
2 – Problem solving
3 – Creating a simple blog page
4 – Quality

1 – Effective social media profiles
2 – Distributing information versus creating value
3 – Consistency and strategy
4 – Professionalism
5 – Reaching my current client base
6 – Growing my community beyond
7 – Engaging with clients and connections
8 – Using provided or existing content
9 – Different types of media
10 – Distributing on multiple platforms
11 – Building and growing your network
12 – Positioning yourself as an expert
13 – The 7 strategies

Choose your own adventure:
1 – Create a blog page; or
2 – Create a podcast episode; or
3 – Create a video

Investment Required

Standard Investment: £ 1,000 excl VAT

Nextgen Planners Members: £ 750 excl VAT

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