Ep. 8 – Financial Wellness for Financial Advisers – Walking our own talk – with Francois du Toit

Financial wellness is a topic we often discuss in relation to clients and consumers.  However, a challenge for many financial advisers, especially in the early days, is to manage their own finances while building a new practice and ensuring their own financial wellness. Francois du Toit, CFP® discusses the first step that financial advisers can take to ensure financial wellness in their own lives.  He…


Ep. 7 – Everything you want to know about running a fee-based practice with Arno Burger

Arno Burger, CFP® started his practice as a young, 25-year old in a flatlet at the back of his house in 1992.  His clear vision and strong work-ethic quickly got him to move to bigger offices. In 1994 he started charging fees, and although it was by no means perfect, he pioneered the business model in South Africa in his own unique way. We discuss what…


Ep. 6 – How Mariette Tappan Became the First Certified Financial Transitionist® in Africa

With a career spanning over 25 years, Mariette Tappan decided to take herself out of her comfort zone. To challenge herself. With the aim of providing her clients with a powerful proposition by helping them through significant changes in their lives, so they can move forward. This led her to the Financial Transitionist® Institute in America, founded by Susan Bradley. It took her 12 months…


Ep. 5 – How do we attract, accommodate and support young financial planners with Wessel Oosthuizen

Wessel Oosthuizen, CFP® was the Director for the Centre for Financial Planning Law at the University of the Free State. A Centre entrusted with delivering financial planning education at undergraduate and postgraduate level to more than 1 000 students per year. Today he is the Managing Director of Verso Wealth in Cape Town. In the interview, we cover many aspects and challenges numerous people face…


Ep. 4 – How Russell Ho employs technology and automation to create efficiency and productivity in his one-man practice

Russell Ho is a young, energetic, focused, driven and ambitious financial planner from Port Elizabeth.  Listening to him, it is hard to believe he has been in the financial planning profession for only 6 years. This self-admitted addict of learning has amazing insights and valuable ideas, thoughts and advice for all financial professionals. Russell talks about the experience he offers his clients and the process…


Ep. 0 – Introducing PROpulsion – The Financial Professional’s catalyst to exponential growth

In Episode 0 (zero), Francois du Toit introduces PROpulsion. He discusses why he started the podcast, who the podcast is for, our mission, the format, guests we will interview and a few other bits and pieces. Transcript: 00:00 We've been thinking about starting a podcast for the last two years, but there were always like, you know, most people think about starting things and there's…

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