Ep. 15 – 3 Powerful Habits to Build a Legendary Financial Services Practice with Francois du Toit

We recently presented a webinar on "7 powerful habits to build a legendary financial services practice". In this episode, we share 3 of these habits.  This is not about how long it takes to form or change a habit but about practical actions and steps you can take to attain the success you aspire to. The habits required to build your practice is vastly different…


Ep. 14 – The ultimate solution to manage, split, track and analyse commission and revenue with Johan Vosloo

The biggest challenge (and frustration) for any FSP of any size is to manage commissions, ongoing fees, and other revenue.  Each product provider has its own unique format for commission statements and even what they call different commissions.  Commissions come in, commissions go out.  Managing splits to advisors in the FSP or referral fees to outside professionals is a nightmare for most. Managing the FSP's…


Ep. 13 – How being simple by design has resulted in atWork becoming the most loved system for Financial Advisers with Trevor Stacey

atWork was the first cloud-based CRM system for Financial Advisers.  The software was developed for the first time in 1998, long before the cloud became a thing and when users struggled with dial-up modems and the cost of making a call instead of the data they used. In this episode, we talk with Trevor Stacey, Director: Business Development for atWork to learn everything about the…


Ep. 12 – The key to increasing your value and crucial aspects all FSPs, key individuals and representatives must know about the 2019/2020 CPD cycle with Francois du Toit

Much has transpired in the last 6 weeks as the first CPD cycle came to an end on 31 May 2019. In this episode, we talk about what happened when the 2-month exemption was announced, Francois's Linkedin post that went viral and the comment that made the light bulb go on. We discuss why CPD was introduced and why it plays a crucial role. We…


Ep. 11 – Building a partnership practice in a tied environment and valuable lessons from the Financial Planner of the Year Competition with Henri le Grange

From the moment I met Henri le Grange, CFP® I was intrigued by the way they are building their practice, especially because it is inside a tied environment (not a franchise!) with a large well-known life assurance company. In 2018 Henri entered the prestigious Financial Planner of the Year Competition and was one of the top five finalists.  We speak in depth about the competition,…


Ep. 10 – New financial planning software in South Africa that enhances client engagement with Kirsty du Toit

This is our tenth episode, but the first episode dedicated to talking about technology for financial advisors and planners.  Kirsty du Toit, CFP® together with Bennie Gouws, CFP®, Gary Winslow, CFP®, and Jonathan Brummer, CFA, CFP® recently started Work.That.Matters. Their entire purpose is to help financial advisors have better conversations with clients.  Essentially, they are setting out to connect not only the head and the…


Ep. 9 – How to leverage radio, television and social media to build your brand and new firm with Mduduzi Luthuli

Mduduzi Luthuli started Luthuli Capital, with his wife Trudy, two and a half years ago after he couldn't find the kind of wealth management job he envisioned.  He went through a horrendous ordeal in 2014 that strengthened his views, commitment and determination to become the best financial adviser and investment manager he can be to his clients. Mduduzi managed to become a regular on both radio…

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