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We interview guests from across the globe. We talk to thought leaders as well as people you have never heard of but who have done amazing things.


We cover practice management, latest technology, regulatory changes, sales, marketing and more.

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Introducing the PROpulsion Podcast

We are proud to introduce the PROpulsion podcast. The word itself means to “drive” or “push forward”, which is something we have been doing relentlessly since 2016. The logo for the podcast reinforces this message: We’re all about looking ahead and breaking new ground.

The evolution of an idea

Launching a podcast was on our to-do list for some time, but we grappled with certain key questions, like: Who will our listeners be? What problems can we help them solve? What value would a podcast bring to the listener?

After consulting with professionals in the industry – financial planners, accountants and tax practitioners – we realised that most people tend to struggle with practice management: how to build and run a successful financial practice. The professionals we spoke to had more questions than answers, and they needed help. That’s what PROpulsion is all about: Driving and pushing your practice forward to reach new goals.

As in any industry, some professionals have already figured out how to run a successful practice, and they’re pretty good at solving problems as they arise. Then, of course, there are those who are not afraid of being innovative and testing new ideas; adopting some and letting go of others.

By interviewing successful managers and owners, we hope to encourage and inspire anyone who is looking to take their own practice to new heights. We’ll talk to the experts about how they run their practices, the challenges they face, how they overcome those challenges, which tech has improved their business, how their revenue models work, and other practical aspects.

The podcast will be valuable to anyone in the industry, but especially to driven and ambitious financial professionals who are starting out, who want to move to the next level, and professionals looking to break free from a rut.

Our Mission

Connect you to leaders, doers, and pioneers whose stories and experiences will be the catalyst for the exponential growth of your practice and life.

Share with others that are, like you, in the trenches every day, doing what you are doing and who understand what the challenges are.

Inspire you to keep driving and pushing forward through adversity, challenges and unknown territory.

Encourage ongoing learning, experimentation, and innovation.

Fire up your passion for what you do every day.

Enable you to rise above the rest.