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Estate Planning Refresher

Thank you for attending the Estate Planning Refresher on the 22nd of July 2021 with Janice Esterhuyzen and Star Consulting

The Tax Tool

Purchase the 2021-22 version now and get all the previous versions with our compliments as well.

The Tax Tool makes you money... hear what Melony has to say (unsolicited review):
"Best Tool ever!!! When I was first introduced to this tax tool, I thought I had to be a Tax Expert! Absolutely NOT. An awesome report that speaks to the client, and another value add to my clients. Never mind another income stream for me. There is no tax tool like this and my first client I presented to using the FULL TAX REPORT – covered the cost of the tool twice over for the fee I charged my client. And of course, how can I not mention the super efficient service from Francois. Thank you Francois, you really are a gift and a breath of fresh air to our industry and profession."
Melony Jacoby