Ep. 8 – Financial Wellness for Financial Advisers – Walking our own talk – with Francois du Toit

Financial wellness is a topic we often discuss in relation to clients and consumers.  However, a challenge for many financial advisers, especially in the early days, is to manage their own finances while building a new practice and ensuring their own financial wellness.

Francois du Toit, CFP® discusses the first step that financial advisers can take to ensure financial wellness in their own lives.  He goes on to discuss good and bad debt for financial advisers, the “fake it ’till you make it” myth, the ramifications of financial unwellness on financial advisers, the two types of expenses and how it can help you make better money decisions, who financial advisers are taking advice from and he ends off with a solid strategy that will set financial advisers on the path of financial wellness.  From day one.

Listen to the episode:

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