Ep. 6 – How Mariette Tappan Became the First Certified Financial Transitionist® in Africa

With a career spanning over 25 years, Mariette Tappan decided to take herself out of her comfort zone. To challenge herself. With the aim of providing her clients with a powerful proposition by helping them through significant changes in their lives, so they can move forward.

This led her to the Financial Transitionist® Institute in America, founded by Susan Bradley.

It took her 12 months and lots of effort to receive her certification and to become the first Certified Financial Transitionist® Planner in Africa.

In this episode, we talk to Mariette about her early business life where she ran a successful import and export business and where the Helderberg disaster had a significant and unforeseen impact on the business (she shares the story with us).

She then joined the financial services industry and we find out what is driving her.

We talk in depth about what a Financial Transitionist® is, the process of becoming one and what it truly means for her and her clients. We also talk about the concept of adaptive planning and the importance of resilience.

Something Mariette learned early on in her career… if you stand still, you fall behind.

Listen to the episode:

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