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Ep. 5 – How do we attract, accommodate and support young financial planners with Wessel Oosthuizen

Wessel Oosthuizen, CFP® was the Director for the Centre for Financial Planning Law at the University of the Free State. A Centre entrusted with delivering financial planning education at undergraduate and postgraduate level to more than 1 000 students per year.

Today he is the Managing Director of Verso Wealth in Cape Town.

In the interview, we cover many aspects and challenges numerous people face in the financial planning profession and industry.

Wessel shares how he pushed himself from being in education to running a business with multiple offices.  He provides the best explanation we have ever heard about what Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is in its essence.

We talk about ways that planning tools can be improved to be more client-centric.

A big challenge for the industry and profession as a whole is attracting young people.  A further challenge is to ensure they are successful.  We discuss the ways in which we can attract, accommodate and support these youngsters to offer them the highest possibility of long-term success in great detail.  Wessel also shares strategies and tactics young financial planners can use to set themselves up for success.

We also get into the whole fee vs commission debate.  How much fun can we have in one episode?

We end off the episode revealing some interesting facts about Wessel that very few people know!

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