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Ep. 2 – How Kobus Kleyn builds his strong personal brand through Social Media and how he runs his highly successful practice


Kobus Kleyn is a well-known and respected financial planner who built his personal brand using the power of social media.  More specifically, Linkedin.  In this episode, Kobus opens the proverbial kimono and shares everything he does, how he does it, why he does it and how other financial professionals can do it as well.

We get to know the man behind the well-known brand he created for himself.  Kobus reveals information about himself that has not been discussed on any other platform before, and why he does what he does.

His story is inspirational, his purpose is noble, and his reasons for doing what he does is sincere.  The episode is jam-packed with value and golden nuggets of wisdom are handed out at every turn.

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