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Ep. 13 – How being simple by design has resulted in atWork becoming the most loved system for Financial Advisers with Trevor Stacey

atWork was the first cloud-based CRM system for Financial Advisers.  The software was developed for the first time in 1998, long before the cloud became a thing and when users struggled with dial-up modems and the cost of making a call instead of the data they used.

In this episode, we talk with Trevor Stacey, Director: Business Development for atWork to learn everything about the software and why they became so popular.

We discuss the humble beginnings and the growth they went through over the years.  Two and half years ago they embarked on a re-write of the entire system, culminating in version 6 of the software that will launch later in 2019.

The new enhancements and configurability of version 6 take the software’s competitiveness to a new level.  And with over 7 000 users, they have no shortage in people helping to share their story and value offering.

Trevor tells us about their recent expansion internationally and how it came about and we talk in detail about their client portal functionality.

We also discuss the license fee structures and the training and support they provide to users.

Listen to the episode:

If you are interested in talking to atWork or to book a demo, you can contact them on the information below:

Website                              www.atwork.co.za

atWORK                              information@work.za.com

atWORK                              0861 289675

LinkedIn                              www.linkedin.com/in/trevorstacey/

Email                                   trevor@work.za.com

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