We help financial planning businesses, advisers, and planners to grow and thrive.

Our mission is to take financial planning business owners, planners, advisors, and their support teams to the next level.

We believe in continuous growth and improvement, and we’re here to help make that happen.

For one low price, you’ll get access to top-notch resources, expert speakers, and valuable events.

With us, you’ll have everything you need to supercharge your skills, your business, and the entire financial profession. Get ready to raise the bar!



A dynamic and visionary community of financial professionals who are dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and empowering each other.

We push the boundaries of what is possible, pioneer new ideas and thinking, and we participate in global events that are shaping the future of the financial planning profession.


Through our annual conferences and events, our weekly podcasts, our blogs, and our regular webinars, we work with experts to bring insights and fresh ideas into the financial planning profession.


We help financial planners grow, thrive and become world class across various different paths and ventures in the profession.

Our programmes include:

International Speaker & Influencer Programme

Client Meeting Skills

Financial Planning Tools and Techniques

Cash Flow Modelling Winter Camp

Microsoft 365

PROpulsion LIVE

Your ultimate destination for all things related to building and running a successful financial planning business.

Our weekly live show is the essential resource for financial planners, advisors, paraplanners, and anyone in the financial services profession.

Join us every Friday as we explore the ins and outs of sales, marketing, technology, relationships, business strategy, personal development, and so much more.

Our Values

# Our word is our bond
We always do more than we say we will. We remember our promises and act on them.
# People over profits
We put our clients, partners, and members first. We take care of them and prioritize their needs.
# World-class in everything we do
We aim high and think big. We create and deliver quality that stands out worldwide.
# We stay humble
No matter how much we succeed, we don't brag. We always remember our roots.
# We create thriving environments
We foster spaces where everyone is included, feels supported, motivated, and able to reach their full potential. Our goal is for each person to flourish professionally and personally, contributing to a vibrant, dynamic community.
# We are life-long learners
We're always learning, asking questions, and trying to understand more. We listen, grow, and share our knowledge.
# We have fun with everything we do
We believe work should be enjoyable. We love our jobs and make sure to have a good laugh every day.
# We lead through action
We start things and finish them. We tackle challenges head-on and show others how it's done.
# We embrace technology in everything we do
We use technology to make things better. We keep bringing technology into our work and encourage everyone we work with to do the same.
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